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Fadhila the original... FADHILA store, the original confection of Mérioul Fadhila

Founded in 1967, FADHILA store is a subsidiary of BACOSPORT group which is specialized in knitting and confection of Mérioul Fadhila. Located in Djebel Jelloud Tunis, the shop sells its products in Tunisia and internationally. Since 1967, the manufacture and marketing of Mérioul Fadhila are exclusively dedicated to the FADHILA store. The registration of the Fadhila brand in Tunisia was in 1969 before registering it as an international brand in the same year. Sold everywhere in the souks and traditional tunisian markets, Mérioul Fadhila is a fashionable dress for women, men and children.

Mérioul Fadhila, a story behind ...

A typical and contemporary outfit, Mérioul Fadhila is named after Fadhila Khetmi (1905 - 1992), a tunisian theater woman and radio host, who is behind the famous undershirt design, known as "Mérioule". Nevertheless, Mérioule (the tunisian undershirt) appeared for the first time in Tunisia with the commercial enterprise Cohen in 1957. The brand was then bought from Mauchauffée by Sogemo in 1968; Sogemo is the older name of the BACOSPORT group. Since then, Mérioul Fadhila presents not only the favorite dress of all tunisian women but also a brand whose reputation goes beyond national borders. Of course, Mérioul Fadhila was dressed by big international celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot, Mick Jagger, Joe Cocker, Yannik Noah, and so on. Multisecular, the Mérioul Fadhila can be a dress of every day but also an elegant dress for various ceremonies. Worn before the "Melia", it can now be worn over pants, a skirt or shorts. Symbol of happiness and too attached to the tunisian tradition, Mérioul Fadhila is a pride for Tunisian women!

Various clients in national and international markets

A subsidiary of the BACOSPORT group, FADHILA store commercializes its Mérioul Fadhila products on tunisian and international markets. Specifically, the store ensures the marketing of its products in Tunisia but also their export to Morocco, France, New York and Japan. Based in its activity on a purely tunisian culture, the shop targets a large category of clients that includes elderly women, modern women, girls but also men and children. Although it targets various clients, the FADHILA boutique demonstrates respect for women in general and pays special attention to pregnant women and people with permanent disabilities.

FADHILA store in continuous evolution

In constant trend monitoring, FADHILA store is in full activity in the preparation of new collections Mérioul Fadhila (spring-summer and autumn-winter). New colors and new contemporary cuts are on the menu to satisfy all tastes. Always up-to-date, FADHILA store has just organized its fashion show in April 2017, where it has exposed its latest collection.

Fadhila - Products

A knitting and confection of Mérioul Fadhila wtith high quality

Serving a large national and international market, FADHILA store sets up a qualified and professional team for the knitting and confection of Mérioul Fadhila. Rigor, precision and creativity are the main qualities behind the success of our collections!

Mérioul Fadhila for all tastes

In FADHILA store, subsidiary of the BACOSPORT group, we offer Mérioul Fadhila products for all tastes. Created with the greatest care, the Mérioul Fadhila items of our store respond to different winter and summer trends. From molding to delivery, through flat cuts and basic patronage, we implement a team of professionals, assisted by high-end knitting and confection machines for textile creations of quality. Aimed at women, men and children, our Mérioul Fadhila collection includes classic Mérioul, Mérioul revisité (Premium), swimsuits and many other exceptional textile items.

Fadhila - Highlights

FADHILA store, a leader in textile manufacturing and knitting

Located in an ideal geographic location (15 minutes from Tunis Carthage airport and the port of Rades), the FADHILA boutique is the leader in the national and international market. This is thanks to the quality of its products but also thanks to a well-conducted business strategy.

Reliable human and technical resources

The success of any business starts with a good investment in its human and technical resources. This is how the FADHILA store sets up a qualified and faithful workforce of more than fifty, which is involved in the entire production chain. Providing high-end technological equipment, the store allows its employees to exercise properly their activity, all within the framework of an efficient and optimal management process.

A good working environment

FADHILA store is commited to respect the labor legislation and the applicable laws. Reflecting this commitment, the shop is applying legal wages and providing comfortable and secure work spaces. Respect for the environment beeing also an integral part of the store's strategy, Fadhila store is committed to taking a responsible approach in this respect throughout the entire production chain.